Exercise Equipment for Home To Slim Figure Smoothly

What are exercise equipment for home? Do you know it? Maybe, not then follow this review.

New Year has come for the new goal and as such, losing weight and enhancing fitness. These are the most common resolutions made at the beginning of every year.

While it is easier said than done, this decision becomes difficult to achieve after weeks of festive parties and family gathering.

Fortunately, this year we compile a list of the best exercise bike to help you realize your dream regardless of what page of the calendar we are on.

Exercise Equipment for HomeExercise Equipment for Home


Achieve more results in minimum time with the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill.

The treadmill comes with 6 Re-programmed customized trainer workouts that will ensure you stay motivated, burn fat and shed off the stubborn extra weight. This has also included to exercise equipment for home.

Its blue-tinted LCD provides you monitor your speed, distance, time and total calories burned during the workout session to monitor your progress.

In addition, you can keep track of your heart rate by placing your thumb on the Easy Pulse console. Which has located in the right console of the machine.

The device has uniquely designed with a layer of cushioning cells to reduce stress on your pressure joints by absorbing impact during running.


My all time favorite trampoline is the Stamina trampoline. That has designed to deliver useful low-impact cardiovascular exercise. Besides, that also ensure remain fit through its 36-inch diameter rebounding surface.

The trampoline comes with resistance bands and a vinyl cover to protect your feet during the workout sessions.

This exercise equipment is portable and can be folded into its duffle bag for easier transportation and storage especially if your home is crowded.

Its rubber tipped legs ensures your floor won’t be marred during workout sessions.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

If you are searching for an indoor cycling bike, then look no further than the Pro Cycling Bike.

The indoor bike of exercise equipment for home has fitted with a 40 lb solid flywheel as well as felt pads to offer you stability and smoother ride.

Similarly, you can increase the intensity of your workout session by just switching up. The tension knob ensure your session remains challenging but exciting and useful.

Pro indoor cycling bike also comes with an adjustable handlebar and leather padded seats. That has designed for all types of grip positions and height proximity to the handlebars respectively. You will get cycling workouts from indoor bike.

The middle section of the handlebar offers an excellent spot to prop your tablet or a favorite book. To keep you going during the workout session while the seat can be moved forth and back. That ensure your sessions remain as comfortable as possible.

Hand Gripper Strengths

The hand grips are compact lever-like devices that have designed to offer improved forearm muscularity. Moreover, which is also increase grip strength and endurance as well as improving dexterity.

Hand gripper strengths are also included of exercise equipment.

The 300 lb hand gripper combines all these functions and can be used even driving or watching your favorite TV show!

The product is designed with aluminum and grip at the handles to guarantee you a firm grip during your workout.

Weight Benches

A good weight bench is arguably the essential piece of equipment for home gyms.

The universal 5 position tops the list as the most efficient weight bench for use in home gyms. As it features all the essential features of a good weight bench.

This exercise equipment for home offers five different angle positions that can be adjusted to challenge your core and upper body.

In addition, the bench has also specifically designed with stabilizer levers to provide a stable base for virtually every type of floor.

Measuring only 17 by 25 by 50 inches, the weight bench can fit even in the tightest of corners around your home. Furthermore, that can accommodate a maximum 250-pound user weight along with 430 pounds maximum lift load and user weight.

Row Machines

Perhaps one of the primary benefits that rowing machines give to the body is the workout. What targets the lower regions of the body with the main legs and upper front of the thighs feeling the burn.

As such, if you are searching for the best rowing machine for a total lower body workout, then consider buying the Concept2 Model rowing machine.

The exercise equipment is inclusive of a performance monitor. That gives you an accurate data for every row that can be used for comparison.

Besides, this machine comes with an adjustable arm control, footrests and ergonomic handle.

The rowing machine can conveniently be separated into two parts for easy portability and storage around your home.

Final Verdict

The exercise mentioned above equipment have earned good reviews not only from consumers but also fitness experts and specialty journals.

Most of the exercise equipment for home are affordable though a majority of the dealers set their price but will most likely negotiate.

Ensure you spend at least 5 minutes on the gadgets to test them out before buying them out.

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